Art - Gillian Jopia

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Gillian is a fine art printmaker and print teacher based in Formby, Liverpool, producing limited editions of lino-cuts, etchings and lithographs. Also collage items such as tree decorations etc.

Her day starts with walking ‘Nell’ a springer spaniel, along Fisherman’s Path through Formby pinewoods and along the beach. Sometimes she is lucky enough to catch a glimpse of red fur scampering up a tree, or a flash of white bobtail in the heather. The grasses, trees and dunes hold a whole host of flora & fauna, so often returns home with foraged treasure. Some of her collections are presented in display boxes others are the source of inspiration for much of her work.

“The wildlife I encounter and the objects I collect have different stories to tell: the threads of their narratives extending themselves through my drawings and prints.”