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Guest artist spots may be available to anyone with a proficiency
in their chosen area that meets our gallery shop standards and criteria
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Adrenaline Brush

We are constantly designing  and producing board games for retail.  As you will soon discover our games offer a good range of play mechanics and are fun to play. Our 10 year track record of working with businesses, universities and organisations from the public and voluntary sectors helps us deliver games.

What makes us unique is our understanding of game design/game mechanics, our skills as graphic designers/artists and our professional knowledge.





Juliet Forrest

Juliet produces decorative objects made from fused and stained glass. She loves the luminous quality of the material and the variety of ways it can be used to create different effects.

She also produces detailed contemporary stained glass art using traditional techniques. She specialises in kiln fired painting and also incorporates fused glass elements into her work.

Her work is varied, ranging from large scale commissions for architectural settings, to smaller work to be hung in a window, or functional fused glass vessels and joyful, jolly Christmas decorations!




Liliane Taylor

Following a career in fashion design for many years, I then went on to gain a first class hons. at Manchester Met. Since then I have worked constantly teaching, leading workshops and selling at various exhibitions. I have sold world wide and shown with many well known artists.

My work is taken from the initial drawings either landscape or figurative. I like to use recycled, vintage fabrics and threads which I hand dye and work into contemporary, expressive and witty pieces.



Colette Halstead

Uses traditional techniques of kiln fused glass to produce her beautiful lamps, mirrors, wall panels, vessels, and jewellery.

Colette discovered the potential of glass in 2004 after graduating with a BA (hons.) in Fine Art Printmaking and has taught kiln fused and stained glass since 2007.

Inspired by British skylines, Colette uses kiln fused techniques to produce her unique landscapes in glass.

Also a fine art printmaker, Colette captures the mood and atmosphere of each piece of glass. Colette uses leaves taken from the landscapes and introduces them into each of her pieces using unique methods developed by herself. Cow parsley, cleavers, organic anise, hawthorn, ivy, rose, astilbe, grasses and others mark their organic shadowy silhouettes in the kiln glass, capturing permanent memories of their once leafy existence. Leaves are gathered from different locations in the picturesque county Lancashire, from the lanes Over Wyre to the edge of Tolkien’s Bowland. Each piece is as unique as the leaves captured within it.





Bill Poole

Bill turns many varieties of wood to produce clocks, candlesticks, bowls and platters along with lots of smaller items including his ever popular earring trees- an elegant and practical way of storing and displaying pairs of earrings."The beauty of wood with its grain and figures as it is turning gives me great pleasure".






Penny Fletcher

Hand woven bags, scarves, snoods, throws, rugs and wall art. Each piece is individually designed, hand woven and finished. "Weaving is a time consuming process with some pieces taking many days to weave and hand finish".







Briony Machin

Nature has always been my greatest source of inspiration and so my ceramics and mixed media artwork is based on the amazing colours and tactile surfaces found within nature and the British Landscape and Coast. 

After graduating from DeMontfort University with a BA(Hons) in Design Crafts, specialising in Ceramics, I decided to continue to develop my own body of work and started to bring in some more mixed media work as I love to play around with layering different surfaces on  a 2 dimensional basis and this has, in turn, allowed me to develop my 3 dimensional ceramic vessels.

Alongside creating my own collection of ceramics and mixed media pieces, I have also been running mosaic workshops to adults and children in primary schools for the past year and now create mosaics for sale and made to order gifts!



Ally Noble














Christine Corthorn









Heather Chapman

Heather has over 40 years of collecting skills, experimenting with creative techniques and gathering vintage materials. Her work is quintessentially English – celebrating the quirky and delighting in the everyday.

With a love of old and distressed maps, stamps, books, wallpaper and fabrics, Heather enjoys mixing collage with machine embroidery. She creates pieces which are rooted in the landscape, particularly that of the North.

Heather has a strong belief in thrift, recycling and make do and mend. The 1970s were an ideal time to be informed and inspired by children’s television with The Wombles and Oliver Postgate providing ideas on the potential for being creative in your own home.

“To celebrate the ordinary and enjoy the little details is a delightful thing. Making new work out of old things is a joyful process beginning with salvage, experimenting with texture and enjoying the freedom of play and invention”.

After working with makers and artists over the last three decades, Heather and husband Gordon formed Hopeful & Glorious to celebrate and promote glorious British art and craft.




Sally Anne Lambert
Moongazer Cards

Sally's company, Moongazer Cards, publishes her own range of over 100 greetings cards and various sizes of prints with subjects ranging from ‘The Owl and the Pussycat’ and ‘The Wind in The Willows’ to faerie-folk inhabiting a magical story-book world.





Rufford Printing Press

We are a family run business of craftsmen dedicated to creating beauty in print. Our passion, letterpress, involves inking raised type and impressing it deeply onto soft paper using vintage printing presses. This fusion of traditional 15th century printing methods and 21st century technology gives unique results.

Our Heidelberg Platens, Arab and Adana presses allow us to produce high quality craftsmanship at reasonable costs, in runs from one copy to tens of thousands of copies.

Although letterpress printing has been almost forsaken by the industry in favour of other methods better suited to mass production, letterpress still has much to offer. The look and feel are unmistakable – when combined with the right paper, the inked surface becomes slightly debossed adding another dimension.





Pop Up Cards

We have a selection.