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Guest artist spots may be available to anyone with a proficiency
in their chosen area that meets our gallery shop standards and criteria
whether they be amateurs or professionals. More info>>>


Sue Stichbury

I have been a textile artist for many years. I particularly like to work with vintage fragments of quilts and fabrics, mainly hand stitching and embroidering. My colours are in the main subdued and faded. I like to assemble a background of fabrics and then applique and embroider into it. I also hold workshops.







Mike McGreedy

When he left school at 15 Michael worked as an apprentice at a large structural engineering firm in Bolton.  During this time he attended the local college and gained City & Guilds qualifications in both Steel Fabrication and Welding.

Michael went on to work for the same college as Technician in the Fabrication department.  He stayed there for 38 years until he retired in 2012.  His love of metal work however never abated, and Michael now uses his skills and creativity to make candle holders, scent oil burners and garden oil burning torches.

The outdoor pieces are galvanised and powder coated and are not likely to show any rust for many years, and most of the tall stands are interchangeable – any “top” can be put with any design of stand.



Colette Halstead

Uses traditional techniques of kiln fused glass to produce her beautiful lamps, mirrors, wall panels, vessels, and jewellery.

Colette discovered the potential of glass in 2004 after graduating with a BA (hons.) in Fine Art Printmaking and has taught kiln fused and stained glass since 2007.

Inspired by British skylines, Colette uses kiln fused techniques to produce her unique landscapes in glass.

Also a fine art printmaker, Colette captures the mood and atmosphere of each piece of glass. Colette uses leaves taken from the landscapes and introduces them into each of her pieces using unique methods developed by herself. Cow parsley, cleavers, organic anise, hawthorn, ivy, rose, astilbe, grasses and others mark their organic shadowy silhouettes in the kiln glass, capturing permanent memories of their once leafy existence. Leaves are gathered from different locations in the picturesque county Lancashire, from the lanes Over Wyre to the edge of Tolkien’s Bowland. Each piece is as unique as the leaves captured within it.


Heather Chapman

Heather has over 40 years of collecting skills, experimenting with creative techniques and gathering vintage materials. Her work is quintessentially English – celebrating the quirky and delighting in the everyday.

With a love of old and distressed maps, stamps, books, wallpaper and fabrics, Heather enjoys mixing collage with machine embroidery. She creates pieces which are rooted in the landscape, particularly that of the North.

Heather has a strong belief in thrift, recycling and make do and mend. The 1970s were an ideal time to be informed and inspired by children’s television with The Wombles and Oliver Postgate providing ideas on the potential for being creative in your own home.

“To celebrate the ordinary and enjoy the little details is a delightful thing. Making new work out of old things is a joyful process beginning with salvage, experimenting with texture and enjoying the freedom of play and invention”.

After working with makers and artists over the last three decades, Heather and husband Gordon formed Hopeful & Glorious to celebrate and promote glorious British art and craft.


Gillian Jopia

Gillian is a fine art printmaker and print teacher based in Formby, Liverpool, producing limited editions of lino-cuts, etchings and lithographs.

Her day starts with walking ‘Nell’ a springer spaniel, along Fisherman’s Path through Formby pinewoods and along the beach. Sometimes she is lucky enough to catch a glimpse of red fur scampering up a tree, or a flash of white bobtail in the heather. The grasses, trees and dunes hold a whole host of flora & fauna, so often returns home with foraged treasure. Some of her collections are presented in display boxes others are the source of inspiration for much of her work.

“The wildlife I encounter and the objects I collect have different stories to tell: the threads of their narratives extending themselves through my drawings and prints.”

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