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Guest artist spots may be available to anyone with a proficiency
in their chosen area that meets our gallery shop standards and criteria
whether they be amateurs or professionals. More info>>>


Katie Meadow

Unique Jewellery and small gifts inspired by woodlands and the beauty of the natural world. Katie creates one of a kind handcrafted pieces of jewellery and unique nature inspired paintings. I sell my work online, through my Etsy shop where I also sell illustrated vintage botanical and nature books.

I am inspired by nature, and as a child was fascinated with fairies, elves and the magical little kingdom living at the bottom of my garden. I aim to share the magic of nature with my customers.


Karen Dodgson

Born in Stockport in 1960, I have lived in Thornton, Lancashire since my teens. I was a hobby potter during the 1990’s, while my children were young; I took night school classes to learn the skills and techniques needed for this hands-on craft and have continued to research different sources of inspiration. Throughout my enjoyable experimental years, I have developed my unique ceramics style. I bought a kiln in 2011 and was drawn to the beautiful crisp effects created by white porcelain clay, which I have used ever since. Over the last 6 years, have worked solely in porcelain.

Each piece is individually hand-crafted in my home studio. The porcelain is hand rolled with different textures; effects and patterns are embossed into the paper thin clay, creating a unique design. After allowing the piece to dry naturally, I bisque fire the pieces, add different glazes and re-fire them in the kiln to a temperature of 1200 Degrees C. Although the pieces appear fine and delicate, they are incredibly robust and the internally glazed pieces are also watertight.

My work is mainly white porcelain, with a hint of colour, in variety of forms, including, but not limited to, vases, jugs, tea lights.




Daisy Florence Designs                                                                                 

Anne Crowther's Textile artworks are inspired by her garden and the surrounding Pennine meadows. She works in layers and draws stitch by stirch with her vintage sewing machine to achieve detailed and embellished surfaces. Hand cut flower motifs which are a feature of her collections are sewn onto the surface to create depth and harmonious colour fields.


Alison Leith                                                                                 

Alison Leith is a mixed media artist. She was born in Ashton under Lyne and took up painting seriously five years ago after a career inspiring young children as a primary school teacher. She works from her home in the Loud Valley on the fringes of the Forest of Bowland. The stunning views are one of the inspirations for her mixed media work which is mainly concerned with nature and landscape but she has also included some Mediterranean-inspired vistas in this collection.

Alison has had an interest in creative textiles for many years and studied at Lancaster and Preston Colleges, leading to her particular interest in the use of colour and texture. She loves to manipulate paint using a range of tools to build a wide variety of textural effects and uses acrylics, inks, oil pastels and collage to give the viewer the feeling of walking through the landscape.

Alison has exhibited at Accrington’s Haworth Gallery, Preston College, Lancaster Adult College and Cedar Farm, and is currently a member of Padiham Artists’ Group



Lita Narayan                                                                                 

Lita was born and still lives and works in the north of England.  She always had a leaning towards art and attended a foundation course at Bolton College of Art and Design in the seventies. However she did not pursue a career in art.

In the late nineties Lita got the art bug again and taught herself to paint.  She has exhibited in various galleries in the north west for a number of years and has sold her work to individuals, business and galleries..  

As far as inspiration goes Lita says that "a scene or the atmosphere of a town or city must 'move' me in some way; it is a right hemisphere thing and I find it hard to put it into words


Briony Machin

Nature has always been my greatest source of inspiration and so my ceramics and mixed media artwork is based on the amazing colours and tactile surfaces found within nature and the British Landscape and Coast. 

After graduating from DeMontfort University with a BA(Hons) in Design Crafts, specialising in Ceramics, I decided to continue to develop my own body of work and started to bring in some more mixed media work as I love to play around with layering different surfaces on  a 2 dimensional basis and this has, in turn, allowed me to develop my 3 dimensional ceramic vessels.

Alongside creating my own collection of ceramics and mixed media pieces, I have also been running mosaic workshops to adults and children in primary schools for the past year and now create mosaics for sale and made to order gifts!


Mike McGreedy

When he left school at 15 Michael worked as an apprentice at a large structural engineering firm in Bolton.  During this time he attended the local college and gained City & Guilds qualifications in both Steel Fabrication and Welding.

Michael went on to work for the same college as Technician in the Fabrication department.  He stayed there for 38 years until he retired in 2012.  His love of metal work however never abated, and Michael now uses his skills and creativity to make candle holders, scent oil burners and garden oil burning torches.

The outdoor pieces are galvanised and powder coated and are not likely to show any rust for many years, and most of the tall stands are interchangeable – any “top” can be put with any design of stand.


Heather Chapman

Heather has over 40 years of collecting skills, experimenting with creative techniques and gathering vintage materials. Her work is quintessentially English – celebrating the quirky and delighting in the everyday.

With a love of old and distressed maps, stamps, books, wallpaper and fabrics, Heather enjoys mixing collage with machine embroidery. She creates pieces which are rooted in the landscape, particularly that of the North.

Heather has a strong belief in thrift, recycling and make do and mend. The 1970s were an ideal time to be informed and inspired by children’s television with The Wombles and Oliver Postgate providing ideas on the potential for being creative in your own home.

“To celebrate the ordinary and enjoy the little details is a delightful thing. Making new work out of old things is a joyful process beginning with salvage, experimenting with texture and enjoying the freedom of play and invention”.

After working with makers and artists over the last three decades, Heather and husband Gordon formed Hopeful & Glorious to celebrate and promote glorious British art and craft.