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Ormskirk Soap Kitchen

I am a small scale producer of Cold Process Soap, Candles and Room and Linen Aroma Sprays based in Ormskirk Lancashire, all my products are handmade and designed using quality ingredients to traditional methods. The Cold Process Soaps are all made from scratch using high quality cosmetic grade oils and luxurious butters using no detergents or chemical surfactants at all. The soaps are exceptionally conditioning, moisturising and cleansing while being mild enough for a babies skin, each one is unique in design and all are scented with the highest quality oils created here in the UK. This is how soap was meant to be.

The Candles are all made from vegetable wax, hand poured and each candle has an approximate 40 hour burn time. They are designed to infuse a room with a wisp of scent just enough to evoke a memory, a place or a person.

The Room and Linen aroma sprays are alcohol and solvent free. They are designed to impart immediate aroma into a living space setting the mood or enhancing the atmosphere. They can be sprayed on to linen and curtains refreshing the fabric imparting a passive aroma into the room.


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Tiger Muffin Soaps

Since launching Tiger Muffin Soaps with his sister Becky, it has become a staple at most of Lancashire’s farmers markets, craft fairs and other marketplaces, and has blossomed offering not just soap, but home-made shower gels and hand creams too.

While Matthew is responsible for manufacturing the soaps, his mum has stepped in to help him produce hand creams. “Luckily my mum is a pharmacist, so she has the skills to make the hand creams and bubble baths.” Matthew’s sister, Becky, handles marketing and helps with research.